Matthew McConaughey as Ron Woodruff in the film "The Dallas Buyers Club". Photo Credit: Focus Features

Oscars 2014: Matthew McConaughey brought his mom (GIF)

The Oscars are tonight an Matthew McConaughey is in line to totally change his career in one night and win an Oscar for Best Actor. If he does end up winning the Oscar, then he’s going to be celebrating it with two very special ladies in his wife and his mother.

We’ve seen Oscar nominees bring their mothers before but we’ve never seen McConaughey at the Oscars as a nominee ever before and if we needed another reason to like him, he gave it to us by brining his mother. At the same time though, McConaughey is showing all those who wrote him off and made him the butt of their jokes that not only is he up for a career changing Oscar, but he’s married to an incredibly attractive wife as well.

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Life is good for McConaughey and even if he doesn’t win an Oscar tonight, he’ll still go home a very happy and lucky man.

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