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Paul Daley destroys Alexander Stetsurenko in under 30 seconds (Video)

Former UFC and StrikeForce Welterweight, Paul Daley, has been running through MMA competition since StrikeForce closed it’s doors in 2012. Since then, he is 5-1 with five hellacious knockouts. With a solid winning streak and new attitude, Daley attempted to woo his way back into the UFC’s good graces, but Dana White would have none of it.

With Daley still looking on the outside in, he decided to take up a few kickboxing matches. Daley is quite a good kickboxer, with a record of 16 wins and 3 losses. After becoming more successful in MMA, Daley dropped kickboxing in 2008. This February, Daley returned to kickboxing with a third round TKO victory over Shaun Lomas. Two weeks later, Daley took another bout against Alexander Stetsurenko, and the result was even more impressive.

Check out the entire fight in the video above or the GIF below. After a short feeling out process, Daley connects with his patented left hook that sends Stetsurenko careening to the mat. The punch was about 30 seconds into the bout, and Stetsurenko could not continue. With another KO win added to his kickboxing record, it will be interesting to see if Daley attempts to sign with Glory World Series. With Daley blocked from competing in the UFC, Glory could be a great avenue for Daley to reclaim some of his fame.


Credit: Zombie Prophet

Credit: Zombie Prophet

H/T GIF and Video to Zombie Prophet

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