300 Rise of an Empire Review: More gory than story


This weekend marks the release of the sequel film 300: Rise of an Empire, but fans hoping to see a movie that builds not he surprisingly entertaining first film will be sorely mistaken when they take in what turns out to be a vastly inferior sequel.

That’s saying a lot too, considering the first film wasn’t really that great to begin with but it had a charm. Rise of an Empire has less charm and more gore — which again, is saying something.

If there’s anything to be taken away from the film, it’s the performance by Eva Green, who is essentially the only reason to see 300: Rise of an Empire. She’s notoriously been against becoming a hollywood actress who takes parts in massive films, but she’s most famous for the big roles she’s taken.

But she’s a theater geek at heart, which is why it’s so interesting to see her take on a role in a campy comic book movie, only to completely own the role in every way. It’s not an Oscar-winning performance by any stretch, but Green is what saves the film from becoming nothing more than a cash-in for all others involved.

Green can only do so much to save 300: Rise of an Empire, as she is placed against the backdrop of sex, violence and slo-mo everything. One of the iconic traits the first film had was it’s slow motion action but this time around it just feels like a rip-off, and that’s not a good thing considering it’s within the same franchise as the original.

300: Rise of an Empire isn’t as bad as it originally looked, but it’s not much better. If you’re looking to kill a few hours in the wasteland of early March movies, then you can do worse 300: Rise of an Empire. But there are better options out there at the cinema for you and 300: Rise of an Empire should be no more than a last resort.

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