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Buffalo Sabres, Los Angeles Kings Talking Trade

The NHL trade deadline is less than 48 hours away, and every team is deep in negotiations to improve their teams for either the short term or long term. Two of those teams talking are the Buffalo Sabres and Los Angeles Kings.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

According to Dennis Bernstein of The Fourth Period, the two teams are discussing a deal that would send Sabres forward Matt Moulson to Los Angeles. Bernstein states that Buffalo is demanding highly-touted prospect Tyler Toffoli as a return in the deal, but the Kings aren’t willing to go there unless Buffalo includes defenseman Christian Ehrhoff. LA would have to include Toffoli and more should the Sabres add Ehrhoff to any potential deal.

A deal doesn’t appear to be imminent, but the sides are definitely talking. The Kings want to add scoring as they push towards the playoffs, and Moulson would certainly add that to the roster.

The NHL trade deadline is 3pm on March 5.

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  • chas territo

    Currently, is there a worse franchise than Buffalo’s? So many gaffes keep happening to the Sabres. The latest is Crybaby Lafontaine up and quitting because nobody listened to him. Didn’t he desert the Islanders for the same reasons? Buffalo is a great hockey city and they do not deserve what’s happening to their team. From Pegula down to the waste collector this team is baaaaaad!!

    • robert gillman

      which is why they are trading away players who are older or who have expiring contracts. You don’t become a cup contender without a few top-three draft picks. I think other than the Lafontaine debacle that this season is turning out better than expected. They are building a long term contender. They have a vision and a plan and they are making very tough choices to stay the course and I, for one, couldn’t be more pleased with the prospects and picks they have so far acquired.

      • chas territo

        You didn’t even try to answer my question. Is it because like white on rice it’s too true to admit my q has merit. The firing/resignation or whatever they are calling it is a prime example of clowns running the asylum. You better believe it is an asylum! I am so glad that 1 of our franchises is doing things to actually keep fans informed while improving our team. The Sabres are a lost and bewildered franchise and we can’t forget that. All these draft picks are good as eamples of players we drafted nothing more. Until they develop nothing is guaranteeed and deserving, same as the franchise. Proof is what we need to see, not Presidents leaving because he had a hissy fit. Pat was a favorite of mine, no longer. A man is not what he turned out to be.

  • Srkeegan

    For the millionth time, they aren’t trading Toffoli. They are trying to add scoring—not subtract it. Toffoli is going to be better than Moulson and his cap hit is almost nothing.

    • tkecanuck341

      The larger pressing need is for a top-pairing left-handed shutdown defenseman to play big minutes with Drew Doughty. Ehrhoff fits that bill perfectly and is under contract for a reasonable $4MM for the next 8 years. If Moulson and Ehrhoff were coming in, I’d send out Toffoli, Clifford, one of Muzzin/Martinez, and a 1st round pick. I’m not really that big on Moulson…he’s ok, but Ehrhoff would be a huge acquisition. We would need for Buffalo to retain 50% of Moulson’s cap hit, which should be no problem for them.

      • Justin Tosczak

        I’d take it.

      • Srkeegan

        How is defense the more pressing need when the Kings have the best D in the NHL and can’t score?

        And as I predicted, they ended up not getting a lot for Moulson because they waited until they had to make a deal.