ESPN, Viacom and NBCU fined $1.9M by FCC over fake Emergency Alert noises


The FCC has leveled in incredible fine against three major television cable outlets for running what they describe as an inappropriate use of the EAS Emergency Alert System tones in commercials they ran earlier in 2013. According to Deadline, the total fine o $1.9 million comes after the three cable outlets aired the trailer for the film Olympus Has Fallen which contained an improper use of the EAS tone.

Per Deadline:

Viacom will be hit hardest with a $1.12M fine for airing the ad 108 times over five days on Spike, VH1, MTV, Comedy Central, MTV2, Centric, and BET. NBCUniversal will have to cough up $530,000 for running the ad 38 times over six days on SyFy, USA, and five regional sports networks. And ESPN follows with $280,000 for running the ad 13 times over four days on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNEWS.

The fines are being handed out on an individual basis, with Viacom getting the worst of it with a $1.12 million done and ESPN paying up the least at $280,000.

Here’s the trailer that caused all of the hoopla:

It’s a clever trailer for a film that turned out to be not half that bad, but ESPN, NBC Universal and Viacom are likely not going to be re-watching the most expensive movie trailer they’ve ever seen.

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