Godzilla vs Heisenberg a Breaking Bad / Godzilla mashup (Video)

The movie Godzilla is set to come out in May of 2014 and they’ve been releasing trailers. The movie also stars Bryan Cranston who gained legions of fans and critical acclaim for his portrayal of Walkter White on the AMC show Breaking Bad. White’s character had an alter-ego that went under the alias “Heisenberg.”

So since Breaking Bad was loved by so many and Godzilla stars the main characther, you knew and internet mashup was coming together. It is pretty solid, though I think some of the mash ups with Bryan Cranston playing Lex Luther was better, even though it won’t happen.

I think they could’ve left the “I am the one who knocks” line out. It was iconic and central to the show, but the knocking reference doesn’t work with the mash up since I assume Godzilla isn’t knocking on doors. The rest of the scene before that line works though but I am kind of surprised it didn’t include this quote:

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