Transformers 4 Logo Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures/Hasbro

Mark Whalberg shows of a sword gun in Transformers 4 poster

We’re less than a day away from the release of the new trailer for Transformers 4 — otherwise known as Transformers: Age of Extinction — and we’re getting a tease for the trailer by way of a new poster starring Mark Whalberg and a bizarre weapon.

First off, when you have a big budget movie poster starring one of the most bankable and recognizable stars in the world and eh first thing you point out is the inanimate object he’s holding, that tells you the level of quality the series is dealing with. Still, we don’t want to be those people who prejudge a movie before it comes out — even if our expectations have been forcibly lowered to begin with.

Credit: Paramount

Credit: Paramount

The film is set to come out this summer, so we’ll k now then if your presumptions about Transformers 4 were correct or not, but it’s not looking bright. Still, as low as your expectations may be, that weird sword-gun thing defiantly has you intrigued and there’s no lying about that.

Perhaps that’s the point, but at the end of the day, the Transformers movies won’t be saved by a weird looking gun but it can’t help to try and go that route.

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