Oscars 2014: Was Ellen DeGeneres funny as host?

The Oscars have now come and gone and we are left in the aftermath to think about and discuss the hosting job of Ellen DeGeneres. While she was hosting for the second time, not everyone was on board with the way she carried the show, but a lot of people liked the fresh, almost anti-establishment way she went about hosting.

DeGeneres will be best remembered for one of two things in her hosting duties: the epic selfie crusades she went on or her dedication to the pizza delivery bit she did.

The selfies were actually a bit that killed universally, as they literally broke Twitter they were so popular. That was the goal Ellen set out to do as well, so it was pretty cool that she actually went ahead and broke Twitter. The other moment she’ll be remembered for was the pizza delivery bit, which was a lot less universally acclaimed.

While not everyone was a fan, she dedicated herself to the bit and fully committed, which was part of what helped keep tho night loose and fun.

It wasn’t the best hosting job we’ve ever seen, but it was totally an ‘Ellen’ hosting gig. The only thing that seemed to be missing from her talk show was running up and down the aisles dancing — and she sort of did that as well.

What did you think of Ellen’s job hosting the Oscars? Sound off in the comments section below and join the conversation.

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