Amazing NFL uniform concept designs by Jesse Alkire (Photos)

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Property: Jesse Alkire

You may not have seen Jesse Alkire’s work before, but after checking out these concept NFL uniforms – I’m pretty sure you’ll remember the name.

The well known graphic artist decided to do some renderings of concept NFL uniforms and needless to say, they’re quite impressive.

Unlike a lot of ideas we see thrown around, Alkire didn’t stir the pot too much – especially in regards to some of the more traditional NFL uniforms. You aren’t going to see some cartoonish script on a Chicago Bears jersey. You’re not going to see a bunch of color splotches on a 49ers uniform.

Alkire stayed true to the team colors (for the most part) and simply enhanced the uniforms, leaving some the same outside of subtle (but high quality) changes while changing up the entire look of others.

They’re really some of the most impressive concept uniforms I’ve ever come across. Hopefully we’ll see more from Alkire in the future, be it version two of his NFL release or other sports like NCAA football or baseball.

Click through to see Alkire’s work.


Property: Jesse Alkire

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  • BlueBoltFan

    Wow. Love those Charger uniforms. Almost everyone is an upgrade from the current uniforms. Goodell needs to hire this guy!

  • arnie

    i have to give him credit. The jags and Bucs look better here than what they have now.

    • Ryan

      Have you seen the actual new bucs uni it is horrible

      • arnie

        I know, I just said that. The jags and Bucs “in this article” look better here than what they have now (the uni’s they currently wear).

  • Chris Smith

    These are actually pretty decent. Much better than the abominations I’ve seen for the college concepts.

  • Owen Lloyd

    Eagles uniforms look horrendous. Impressed with the others though!

  • jay

    Why not make my carolina panthers

    • Ryan

      Why don’t you look at slide 13 and 14

    • jay

      Thanks I didnt really look through them

  • Ed