Cleveland Browns to unveil 'cutting edge' new uniforms in 2015


The Cleveland Browns have been nothing but an unspectacular disaster for the better part of the last 15 years, but they’re looking to at least look pretty while they’re crashing and burning. The Browns are ushering in a new era (For now) with head coach Mike Pettine and likely a new franchise quarterback, so it appears the time is right to change up their uniforms for the first time in a long time.

While the news was announced officially last year, the Browns have given the first details about what their new uniforms will look like, and they’re apparently going to be ‘cutting-edge’.

Per CBS Cleveland:

“We’ll have cutting-edge uniforms that link back to our history,” Scheiner told Bull & Fox of 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland on Tuesday.  “I’m really excited about our direction.  We’ve been working with the NFL and Nike for almost a year now.  We have another year until we roll out our uniforms.  I’d be very surprised if our fans don’t love our new-look uniforms.”

It’s not as though the Browns can really change much up, but fans can’t be pleased with the idea of Nike toying with their iconic look. While the Browns uniforms have been linked to losing, it’s been a uniform hardly altered in decades.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently unveiled new radically different uniforms that were met with groans from the fan base, and Browns fans are hoping that their traditional look is made more sleek and modern rather than completely changed.

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