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Diego Maradona says Lionel Messi does not need a World Cup medal to be great

For all the greatness and awards bestowed upon Barcelona striker Lionel Messi, a World Cup victory has eluded him. Argentinian legend Diego Maradona believes a lack of World Cup success won’t diminish his career.

“Messi doesn’t need to win the World Cup to be the best player in the world,” Maradona said, via Sky Sports“It would be great for Argentina, the fans and for him, but winning a World Cup or not won’t take away any of his achievements up to now to be among the greatest.”

Maradona thinks the Brazil World Cup is the perfect stage for Messi to get his revenge.

“I approached him and told him he’d have many World Cups to get revenge.

“I said it with all my heart. While the rest were thinking about our return home he was there, head bowed, crying.”

As for this year’s tournament, Maradona went on: “There’s Spain, Germany and there’s Brazil with a tremendous defence.

“You think of Brazil’s defence and six or seven names come to mind, you think of their attack and there’s only Neymar.

“For Messi, it will be a test of character, to bring out all that crying he has in his heart. Brazil can be his great revenge.”

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