2014 NFL Mock Draft : Updated first-round preview

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NFL Draft season is in full swing with the Scouting Combine in the books and Pro Days underway, so the rumor mill will begin picking up as teams try to send smokescreens and position themselves for the players they have at the top of their draft boards.

While some teams have prospects in mind that would make perfect fits, others have yet to tip their hand and it is still pure speculation connecting them to a prospect. That said, playing matchmaker and armchair GM is part of what makes mock drafts so entertaining for everyone.

What prospects could be on your favorite team’s radar?

Here is a look at the latest first-round projections:

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  • Julien Bélair

    Gilbert out of top 15 is silly

  • Thumper833

    Why is everyone so enamored with taking a WR in R1??

  • Kyle Smith

    If Teddy Bridgewater could fall to the Vikings I think I’d do jumping jacks and backflips for an entire day out of pure excitement.

    I don’t see this happening but I hope we get him, one way or another.

    • Cassius Bell

      I feel you, but realisticly i see them having to trade up with the Browns to land him. In a perfect world, i would be just as excited.

  • Ken Tomlin

    Vikings will not take a QB at 8! Just cuz a team needs a certain position, does not mean they will reach and take it. We did that back in 2011 with Ponder, we WILL NOT do that again. It baffles me how almost all people who do mock drafts continue to have a QB taken by the Vikings! Does no one read/listen to the things coming out of Winter Park?! Have they forgotten that the same GM who reached for Ponder is still there, and he knows if he screws up the QB position again he’s gone! Here’s an analogy for you: 4 yrs ago you needed a new car. So, you bought the first one you test drove. It looked ok, ran ok, but even though you weren’t in love with you bought it. Maybe, you were worried someone else would take it, or that you wouldn’t find something better. Now, 4yrs later, you realize you made a huge mistake! Do you just go buy the first new thing out there, cuz it’s flashy and looks better than your last one? Or do you take a step back, and wait to get one later. Cuz now on top of “needing” a new car, your roof on your house is leaking! If you say, better get the car I’m not sure of, and I’ll hope it doesn’t rain again till I can fix the roof, then your a fool! Go buy a new roof, and see about buying a cheaper used car to get you by. I hope that makes sense, cuz if it doesn’t, I’d hate to live at your house!!

    • Ross

      Teddy Bridgewater at 8 is not even a little bit of a reach. Hes top 5 talent….

      • David Mallow

        Not really. The only reason they have him high on the boards is because those teams NEED a QB. He is decent, however there are questions about his hand size and ability to read defenses. I would stay clear of the top 3 QBs in this draft. They all are bust potential…..IMO

    • Mike Bridges

      You have no idea what Wilf will or will not do if Speilman doesn’t do what you think he should. Last season 99% of Viking fans demanded a change at QB cuz they hate Ponder, and now it’s if they do go QB, it’s wrong. It’s a bloody good thing to know that GM’s don’t pay attention to fickled, demanding fans.

      • Ken Tomlin

        Mike, like you I’ve been a Viking fan for a long time. My earliest memory of the Vikings is of Tarkenton throwing a little swing pass to Foreman in the left flat and Foreman racing down the sideline! I actually cried in 98, and when most people were upset with Farve in 09, I wasn’t. That one was on all the fumbles, and the Chilli for not realizing there were 12 men in the huddle after a TO! All true fans WILL support their team no matter who they draft, sign or release. We’re all just frustrated that we haven’t had a true”franchise” QB since the days of Tarkenton/Kramer( my fav by the way). Came close with and it could be argued that Culpepper was one till his injury. So, us venting is not wrong. We vent cuz we care!! We give our opinions, that will never be listened too, cuz we’re passionate about our VIKES!! So, don’t act like we’re the bad guys here! I’d be more upset with the people who never comment and only do if we’re winning! Fair weather fans!! Most of us will never agree with what’s the best course of action. One of wants a QB at 8, another wants Mack, or a CB! In the end, all we truly want is to finally win a Super Bowl!! So, if us voicing our opinions/wants/hopes bothers you that much, that you feel the need to write a “snarky” comment, maybe you shouldn’t read them. SKOL VIKINGS!!

  • gdubb

    Obviously Josh Sanchez has no idea of what. He’s writing about this mock Draft is so wack

  • Bob

    The Raiders will NOT be drafting Johnny Football. Try again.

    • Ross

      Not how you spell try. “Tray” again.

      • Bob


        • Ross

          Thanks :)

  • Ross

    If the packers take Louis Nix and a playmaking safety like Calvin Pryor is still on the board I’ll never watch another Packers game. That being said here’s to hoping Haha is still on the board at 21!!

    • Mike Bridges

      Not much of a Packer fan then? You think TT cares if you watch or not? I bet that if they do exact opposite of what you demand, you’ll still watch. Fan loyalty is crazy now a days.

      • Ross

        It’s an expression to make my point stronger you dunce. Nobody but you took it that seriously.

    • Phillip

      I’m with ya Ross, no way we would take Nix over Pryor or especially Gilbert if he lets Shields walk. Also, there’s no way Gilbert drops that far, he’s shown to have all the talent and ability of a Patrick Peterson n he’s easily a top 10-15 talent. Anyway, it looks like there a chance Raji will be back in green n yellow next year n we need impact out our 1st round pick immediately this season, not another Datone and Safety or CB is the best bet there, I prefer Pryor but either is fine with me, I do believe if TT lets Shields walk n don’t teplace him with another top corner n somehow Gilbert is still there, he’d be a no brainer in my eyes.

  • mike

    Don’t know that I like the Vikings taking Bridgewater at #8 even if they can. It is a real crapshoot when it comes to the qtb position. I am hoping for Khalil Mack but that might be a reach. I originally liked Anthony Barr, so that’s where I’m at now.

  • holymomentumbatman#84

    NO WAY Bridgewater stays on the board until #8. Yeah, a QB pick is a real crapshoot, but so is ANY PICK of ANYONE coming from college to NFL caliber football. @ Ken Tomlin…yes, it’s a fact that Spielman made a reach taking Ponder, but you gotta remember…IT’S RICK SPIELMAN, and I’ll bet he HASN’T LEARNED A THING, reaches again and takes a QB, be it Bridgewater, Bortles, Manziel, Carr, whoever. Even though HE SHOULD KNOW MORE THAN ANYBODY that Minnesota would do well to shore up those defensive holes with some young, REAL TALENT. I, and many others, think that would be the wiser move, and then pick up a sleeper QB in the later rounds, i.e., rounds 4,5, somewhere around there. Use at least the first two or three picks on high caliber defensive talent, for the most crucial positions…LB, CB, NT, S. I’ve done a little research lately on QB’s that AREN’T in the headlines, and there are indeed some really good looking prospects to be had in this draft. There may even be a “much better than expected” QB that ends up an UDFA. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. And there are a handful of pretty good looking signal callers that could easily be picked up even as far down as rounds 6 or 7. THAT wouldn’t surprise me either. At any rate, Minnesota knows that they need DEFENSE as well as a potential franchise QB. There are NO FA’s out there that I personally would consider signing on as the starter, except MAYBE Cassell, if they could get him back, but that’s it. No Cousins, Weeden, Vick, Mallett, no anyone else. I really think that if the Vikings do THAT, they’re doing nothing but wasting money AND cap space. Being a die hard purple bleeder, and despite their history, proud of it, I REALLY DO HOPE that they can manage to get it right this time around. The draft is deep, and they have the opportunity(ies) they need. NOW is the time to use them. It’s now or never. SKOL VIKINGS!

    • Mike Bridges

      Good thing you know everything there is to know! Why don’t you send in a CV for open GM jobs? It’s hilarious how there are so many fans on every team who carry on as if any owner or GM, or HC gave to shakes about what fans have to say about Draft or FA choices. Some even go as far as to say they will look for a different team if their demands are not met lol. What happened to the day where fans talked and shared thoughts and then at the end of the day….supported their favorite team…..whether they did what they wanted or not?? I have had my preferences for 40 years and for 30+ years I’ve seen the team fall short many times and it has been largely due to QB play not up to scratch. The Vikings have had Defenses over the years that were deadly, and yet, on Super Bowl Sunday, they were spectators. How about doing the opposite this time? How about trying to get the right QB? The Offense would be very good if they had one more piece filled…..not several like on Defense! Use one pick on Offense and then the rest on Defense, if need be. Even spend all the cap money on Defense lol. If those QB’s had the tangibles of the top QB’s, they would be considered a top QB as well. The Vikings don’t need another serviceable QB, they have had enough of them over all these years, even when the Defenses were top shelf, and it wasn’t enough to bring a title to Minnesota.

      • holymomentumbatman#84

        <>…<>…” carry on as if any owner or GM, or HC gave to shakes about what fans…”

        In addition to this load of impolite, sarcastic, downright insulting, and obviously inane retort, I have perused other comments and replies you have posted here. Good thing you know that when you get out of bed every morning, you can, with a good degree of certainty, look in the mirror, and know, with confidence, that you are looking at the biggest inbred asswipe you could ever hope to be.

        FYI, talking, sharing thoughts, and supporting my favorite team is EXACTLY WHAT I WAS DOING IN MY COMMENT, you idiot. As for the Viking GM, Rick Spielman, he is mediocre at best, when it comes to drafting players…except for QB’s…there, he is HORRENDOUS!! I stand by my opinion of him, will continue to do so until I see results that GM’s are supposed to have at their job. In proving my point, the evidence is self-explanatory, and overwhelming. Again, FYI, I COULD DO A BETTER JOB AT GM THAN SPIELMAN HAS DONE, and given the opportunity to PROVE IT, I could.

        Allow me to make this final observation, since it is clear that you are a dolt, as evidenced by portions of your post. In it’s correct context, the phrase “…gave to shakes about…” would go more like ” gave two shakes about…”, that is, of course, if you are referring to the NUMBER 2, and not the preposition. You should probably look up the definition of a preposition vs adjective, just so you don’t get confused again when writing the word “to”…or is it “two”? LMFAO “Duuhhh, which way did he go, Wilbur”? “Which way did he go”? — Mr. Ed

  • Mike Bridges

    Wow, if the Browns get Watkins and Carr in the 1st, along with the existing receivers, they could be awesome on Offense.

  • Chatty Kathy

    I have a feeling Carolina will go after an offensive through free agency. My money says that they will draft a WR in the first round.

    • Mike Bridges

      They already have a great Defense, and Newton is playing well. A WR tool for him would be smart

  • Letterman007

    I really like your line of thinking on the Browns draft! I’ll take that right now and let’s go to round two!!!

  • steve

    I would love Gilbert to my Bengals,but don’t see him dropping that far.

    • Scott

      Gilbert isn’t going to get past Ted Thompson and the Green Bay Packers in my opinion. Even though we’re pretty damn set at CB with Casey Heyward(6 picks as a rookie, missed all but 87 snaps last year due to hammy issues), Sam Shields, and Tramon Williams as the starting three with Micah Hyde, a HUGE surprise player last year out of Iowa, Jarrett Bush, and this guy Nixon the Packers love who runs a 4.3 40 and is long at 6 3/8ths, a player Whitt, their DB coach said could be a star, I STILL think that someone as talented as Gilbert would be snatched up.

      You play with 4 CB’s so often, plus Hyde is 6′ 200 pounds, is a very sure tackler, obviously very good in coverage as a CB, and runs a 4.52 40, so while he doesn’t have great CB speed, he has great safety speed, I think they’d move him over and pick Gilbert over Pryor or Dix.

      Just BPA and that’s how the Packers do things. A secondary with Morgan Burnett who was terrible last year, but very good the first 3 years in the league, Micah Hyde and then Shields and Gilbert on the outside, and Heyward and Williams on the inside would allow the Packers to play so much man.

      You’d be able to let Peppers, Matthews, Raji who is back at NT where he was a very good pass rusher for an interior DL, Mike Neal and up and coming player, Dahtone Jones last years 1st rounder, Nick Perry the 1st in 2012 who’s been injured but shown some promise and then arguably our 2nd best pass rusher Mike Daniels, a Geno Atkins like player who’s been dominant on the interior rushing up the middle, the Packers defense could be VASTLY, VASTLY improved.

      Plus, you know SOMEONE Like Tuitt, Hageman, Nix, one of these types of players is going to fall in the 2nd round. They always do. Or better yet, someone like Shazier, Boreland, or a good Middle Backer.

      In general, not a very good looking mock, but..then again, how many really are? Most of us are just basing our opinions off what other talking heads and rankings have.

  • gregg

    The Ravens will not draft M Lee. Try Zack Martin or Odell Beckham.