HS hockey player levels opponent (Video)

Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

As if you needed further evidence of how tough a sport hockey can be, here is a huge hit that occurred during a high school game. Lincoln and West Salem High School were squaring off in a semi-final game when a player begins to take a puck up the ice.

He is breaking the cardinal rule in just about every sport, especially contact sports, keep your head up. He doesn’t see the defender coming across the ice to greet him as he moves into the zone and finds himself on the wrong end of a highlight.

The hit itself occurred some days ago, but it is making the rounds on the internet today and has over 170,000 views on YouTube already. I bet this kid is already working on his puck handling skills with his head up to avoid this again.

Fortunately the kid looks alright and can be seen skating towards the bench at the end of the video.

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