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Joe Maddon recreates Allen Iverson 'practice' rant (Video)

When Allen Iverson’s offical retirement from basketball this week, it has given us all occasion to relive one of the truly absurd moments in press conference history.

Iverson has become synonymous with the moment when he could not believe people were talking to him about practice.

It is a commonly known reference; if you yell “Practice?!?” most people get the joke immediately, just like people know you are alluding to Jim Mora if you blurt out “Playoffs?!?” Shoot, even Iverson himself poked fun at the famous moment this week.

Complete with crooked hat, Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon took on Iverson’s famous moment on Wednesday (video from

Maddon did well here, but he was far too levelheaded for the moment. He needed to imagine that he was upset with an umpire to get into character, methinks.

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