Nov 16, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Miami Dolphins offensive lineman and Stanford Cardinal alumnus Jonathan Martin attends the game against the Southern California Trojans at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Martin calls out Justin Bieber on Twitter

Jonathan Martin is currently looking to either return to the Miami Dolphins or seek release so that he can play football elsewhere in 2014. But while he’s not doing much of anything else, Martin is tweeting it up and used his platform this morning to call out a fellow Miami resident for his questionable behavior.

Martin tweeted out an inspirational message that was laced with a bit of wit.

He later clarified his tweet to ensure that no one comes after him for potentially bullying Bieber for his recent actions.


This could be seen as an attempt to bully Bieber and it’s definitely poor timing but Martin really isn’t saying anything wrong. Just because the guy has himself been bullied doesn’t mean he can’t ever say anything every again. Calling Martin a bully in this instance is to say that Bieber should be proud of his drunk driving and excessive lifestyle and that’s not something anyone would be proud to own.

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  • Carl2222

    No, this is bullying. The first tweet is non-specific and attacks Bieber. Also, the second one is non-specific, you (the writer) just chose to interpret it (the tweets) the way you wanted. Boiled down, Jonathan Martin technically bullied Bieber. He belittled him and to make it worse did it in front of his twitter audience.

    This type of hypocracy is why I have an issue with the whole “scandal” to begin with.

  • Johnny

    To EVERYBODY::::: if you follow Martin on Twitter, UNFOLLOW HIM!!! I just did.