Killzone: Shadowfall set to receive multiplayer expansion in April

Guerrilla Games has announced the first expansion pack for Killzone: Shadowfall. The Insurgent Pack is set to release in April and it will come with some new multiplayer features.

These features include a new Character Class, three new abilities, three new weapons and two brand new game modes.

As you can probably guess from the name of the expansion, the new class is The Insurgent and he comes with two very cool abilities.

They’re Hack and Steal, where he’s able to steal weapons from downed enemies and use them in the game. He can also hack enemy ground automata to aid him in battle.

The Scout, Support and Assault classes also get some new abilities so they don’t feel left out.

The first one is an E-pulse emitter, which sends out as pulse making it difficult for enemy units to set up automata. The second ability, a Tactical Echo emitter sends out an echo from a fixed location, that makes it hard for hidden enemy units to reach the area. The last ability, a Guard Drone will guard the location it’s placed in from the ground level.

Now, the weapons part of this expansion brings back an old friend from Killzone 2 & 3 with the M82 assault rifle. There’s another weapon called the L512 SMG Pistol, that will be a solid option as your secondary weapon. The Sta14 Rifle rounds out the new weapon choices allowing players to take out foes from long-range.

The single-player campaign of the game will have a mode called Elite, that’s set to test the skills of the best players.

Guerrilla also added some online collectibles that will give you rewards in game, and a personalisation pack that has an OWL Skin.

The Insurgent Pack is available in April for €9.99, but it’s free if you purchased the Season Pass. To get people ready for this expansion Sony has released some new maps that are free to download from the PlayStation Store.

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