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NCAA Rules Committee votes to table Saban's 'Slow-Down' rule

All the yelling, screaming and finger-pointing can now cease. After over three weeks of discussion and controversy, the NCAA Rules Committee has voted to drop the proposal to slow down offenses by requiring a 10-second delay prior to the snap of the football.

USA Today reported that in a Wednesday teleconference the 12-member committee chose not to send the proposal forward to the Playing Rules Oversight Panel

The proposed rule, which had a lot of support from Alabama head coach Nick Saban, was met with a lot of resistance by other coaches, including Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin, who had a vocal reaction to the rule being voted down.

“This is a victory for common sense and protecting the game of football,” Sumlin told USA TODAY Sports.

The backers of the rule say that it was for the protection of the players, stating that the more and more prevalent hurry-up offenses (and the way they are run) are causing a greater risk of injury to the players, citing fatigue and risk from a higher number of offensive plays.

None was more adamantly opposed to the rule and it’s purported reasoning than South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier, who called the proposed rule “the Saban rule”, even suggesting that the Alabama head coach was pushing for the rule change simply to benefit his program’s style of play.

Saban…trying to gain advantage? Perish the thought.

ESPN conducted a survey of 128 FBS head coaches last week, in which 93 coaches were opposed; 24 were in favor; and nine were undecided.

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