Seattle reporter calls Texas Rangers a sinking ship

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The Seattle Mariners signed Robinson Cano and are looking to gain ground in the American League West division. They also have extra eyes on the Texas Rangers as Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson spends his offseason at the Rangers’ Spring Training camp.

Tom Yazwinski of Seattle’s Q13 Fox was discussing the Rangers while waiting for his live on-air report started without his knowledge. It caught him just in time to hear him call the Rangers a “sinking ship.” It comes one day after very critical comments were released from former Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler.

The rest of the news team back in the studio thought the whole incident was pretty funny and poked fun at it. One reporter handled it very politically saying he hopes so and hopefully the Mariners can right their ship. Nevertheless the Rangers are in a crucial year and they need to make another playoff run to prove they aren’t a sinking ship.

 Q13 Fox, via Deadspin
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