Guy in yoga pants shows what women deal with (Video)

Thanks to yoga pants, it can be hard for a woman to walk down the street or into the grocery story without having the eyes of men everywhere taking glances and checking out the goods that are walking past them. Hey, we are all human. It happens.

To show just how difficult things can be for a woman in yoga pants, Yousef Saleh Erakat aka Fousey Tube put on a pair of the stretchy bottoms and pranked a bunch of unsuspecting men who were passing by.

“So a friend of mine recently told me I had no idea how hard it was being a girl, because when she wears leggings, everybody stares at her butt, so today, I’m going to find out exactly how hard it is,” Erakat said.

Like clockwork, every man looked over and stared and then was immediately shocked to find out they were checking out a man.

Some took it in stride and enjoyed the joke, while others were extremely disappointed and got defensive when they were being called out.

Check out the video below and think twice next time you go to stare at what you assume is a female in your favorite pants:

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