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Michael B. Jordan Addresses Fantastic Four Criticism

It was two weeks ago today when Marvel finally revealed the cast of the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. The casting announcement was met with mixed reviews. Some fans were incredibly critical of the casting of Fruitvale Station’s Michael B. Jordan in the role of Johnny Storm a.k.a. the Human Torch.

While in Rome doing some promotion for Fruitvale Station, via, the actor addressed the criticism he has received and how he deals with it.

“It was expected. You kinda know going into it that people are used to seeing something one way; it’s a continuity thing more than anything. People don’t like change too much. But annoyed? Eh, you just kinda accept it, it is what it is.” He says. “You can’t make everybody happy. You just gotta accept that and know. I’m an actor; I have to do my job. I’m going to do my job the best I can and the way I’ve been doing it my entire life, my entire career. I grew up a comic book guy, I read comic books as a kid growing up, and the Fantastic Four/Human Torch is one of my favorite characters so I’m going to give it my everything. I can’t wait. I don’t really let it bother me at all. I’m gonna go into it and do the best job I can. We’ll see what happens.”

Here is a look at the interview itself via

I can understand where fans are coming from. I will admit that my initial reaction was much the same as everyone else’s; however, in the entertainment industry things are always changing. While you and I may be used to seeing something in a particular way, another person may have a completely different vision and direction that they want to take something.

At this point, we will have to trust that director Josh Trank has such a vision in mind for the film.

Jordan will be joining Divergent’s Miles Teller, who has been cast in the role of Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Fantastic. The Fantastic Four also stars Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm a.k.a. The Thing, and Kate Mara who will be playing the role of Sue Storm a.k.a. The Invisible Woman.

The Fantastic Four is scheduled to be released on June 19, 2015.

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