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Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the film 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2.' Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

Andrew Garfield says he didn't bail on Batkid at Oscars

The Academy Awards were meant to honor the heroes of film and one of the most touching moments was supposed to include Amazing Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield introducing the infamous ‘Batkid’ at the Oscars as a new superhero.

Promos for the segment ran all week long as par tot ABC’s advertising campaign, but when the Oscars came and went, there was no sign of Garfield or Batkid. This prompted a scandalous report from the dubious New York Post’s Page Six team that alleged Garfield had a tantrum, hated his lines and bailed on the young boy.

While it helped sell a few papers, Garfield’s rep has fired back stating that it was the Oscars decision to cut the segment, not Andrew’s.

“Here are the facts,” Garfield’s rep Rupert Fowler told Us Weekly. “In full collaboration with the Academy and the show writer, Andrew prepared a segment for the Oscars to honor Miles Scott as the true hero that he is. At some point overnight on Saturday/Sunday morning, it was decided by those running the show that the segment didn’t work in the ceremony.”

Garfield’s version of the story is in line with that of the Academy’s, which should put to rest the National Inquirer style story that Page Six ran with. Spider-Man and Batkid spend an afternoon at Disneyland this week as well, which should bury any fictional hatchet for good.

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