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Dick Vitale responds to Verne Lundquist being 'not a fan'

Leave it to the venerable Dick Vitale to turn what could have been an ugly Twitter war into another memorable quip from the ESPN college hoops king.

This past week, longtime CBS Sports announcer Verne Lundquist did an interview with the Sports Business Journal, in which Lundquist said he wasn’t “a big fan” of Vitale, and further described him as an “acquired taste.”

Here comes the inevitable backlash, right?

Wrong. If there is one thing that has been learned about Dick Vitale over the years, it’s that his graciousness is just about as big as his voice.

Battle. Diffused.

Just one more reason to love Vitale the man even if you don’t enjoy his work behind the microphone…and on the T.V….and in commercials…and on, and on and on.


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