Should ESPN place a bid for WWE TV rights?

The World Wrestling Entertainment’s TV rights are currently up for grabs after the company and NBC were unable to agree on a new deal.

It’s no secret that WWE has some of the most watched programs on television today. This is more than just a bunch of guys taking bumps and acting night in and night out, this is pure sports entertainment. Almost everybody on the planet who has cable knows about this company has been watching it for a very long time.

From the Bruno Sammartino days, Hogan taking over in the 80′s and the business heading to the WWF Attitude Era led by The Rock, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Mankind and Kurt Angle. These wrestlers on this roster have millions of fans across the country, including other well known celebrities.

Don’t get me wrong, there happens to be a couple handfuls of people who don’t watch this brand of entertainment, but I’m 85 percent positive that their favorite athletes or actors watch it faithfully. With companies placing in their bids for WWE TV rights, another huge brand could keeping their hands out of this cookie jar.

ESPN is another company that continues to bring in viewers. SportsCenter is one of the most watched shows on television at any time slot, everyday of the week. A couple current/past employees actually worked from the WWE, including Jonathan Coachman.

Now according to NoDQ.com, it appears that ESPN will not be putting in a bid for TV rights when it comes to the World Wrestling Entertainment. I think it would be a great move if they did, considering a lot of their viewers happen to watch professional wrestling programs.

I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to partner with the WWE, considering they’ve interviewed some of their past/present Superstars.


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