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Booto Guylain vs. Keron Davies finishing GIF

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This past week we reported the terribly tragic news regarding the death of Booto Guylain. On February 27th, Guylain stepped into the cage for EFC Africa 27 against the debuting Keron Davies. Guylain ultimately lost the bout via TKO in the third round, suffering a severe head injury that left him in critical condition. EFC Africa posted this statement on their website after the bout:

Booto Guylain suffered a serious head injury during his bout with Keron Davies at EFC AFRICA 27 last night.

Immediately after the bout he was stabilised by the EFC AFRICA medical team and transported to hospital.

After undergoing tests and scans Guylain is being treated for swelling and bleeding on the brain by the neuro-surgical team at Johannesburg General Hospital.

“His condition at the moment is critical and we are following his progress closely. Our thoughts are with him and his family,” said EFC AFRICA president Cairo Howarth.

More news will be released as soon as it is received.

Unfortunately, Guylain was not able to recover from his injuries and he passed away. It is a terrible tragedy and a realization of how dangerous this sport truly is. These fighters absolutely put their lives on the line every time they step into the cage.

Today, footage of the bout was released and we have a GIF of the finish below. If you have no interest in seeing the clip, close the page now.

You can watch the finish here.

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