Young Beautiful In A Hurry - The Worst Has Yet To Come (Audio)


Usually I stick to the hip hop genre of music, but stumbled upon this through a friend and thought it was cool. The band is Young Beautiful in a Hurry, a high energy foursome that draws some comparisons to Imagine Dragons and Muse. They’re music can be summed up as “organic thoroughbred rock/pop tunes, with a dash of glam.”

It might be a band you’ve never heard of before, but there is some star power behind the band name. The lead singer is Brendan McCreary, he is the songwriter for the SyFy show Defiance and his music has been played in numerous shows including 90210 and Eureka.

The rest of the band includes drummer Bryan Taylor, bassist Pete Griffin (Dethklok, Edgar Winter) and keyboardist Chris Norton (Zappa Plays Zappa).

They have a new EP which includes this single, titled Royalty, set to be released worldwide on March 25. If you like what you hear, follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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