Lindsey Duke posting bikini pictures from Cozumel on Spring Break

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lindsey duke

Central Florida quarterback and potential NFL No. 1 draft pick Blake Bortles girlfriend has become an internet celebrity after people started uncovering pictures of her. She has gotten so much attention that even NFL teams are asking Bortles about her during interviews.

“Nothing was really that bad. I got a couple girlfriend questions,” Bortles told the Dan Patrick Show about the interviews at the NFL scouting combine. “If I had one, some awkward … if we come to town will she be there for dinner and stuff like that.”

“They knew going into the meeting and I think that was kind of the angle to see how I react to that.”

Well she has become an internet sensation and it isn’t hard to see why, she is beautiful. And fortunately she is on spring break and posting photos of her trip to Instagram. Well, she has just posted one picture so far but more could follow.

Though all the attention might deter her from posting.

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