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UFC Fight Night 37 prelims results: Louis Gaudinot gets quick submission; Brazilians get decision victories

The UFC is back in London for UFC Fight Night 37. In the main event of the evening, Alexander Gustafsson takes on the undefeated Englishman, Jimi Manuwa. That bout has title implications in the Light Heavyweight division, but before they battle inside the cage, the UFC has put together an exciting undercard.

There was originally set to be six preliminary bouts, but Davey Grant vs Roland Delorme was scratched last night when it was revealed that Grant had a torn meniscus. Both fighters made weight yesterday, but they will not be able to fight today. They will both be awarded their show money.

Below you can check out the coverage of the first three preliminary bouts.

Bradley Scott vs. Claudio Henrique da Silva
Silva was very aggressive on the feet early, but got clipped. Silva pushed forward, got a takedown, and quickly mounted Scott. Scott was able to fight back to his feet, but ate a big left hand from Silva. Silva poked Scott in the eye, and the fight was stopped momentarily. On the restart Scott ate a head kick and was taken down. Silva came out in the second with a capoeira kick. Scott began to take over the striking exchanges as Silva looked completely gassed. Scott hit Silva with a body kick, and Silva thought it was low. The ref didn’t stop the bout, but Scott let Silva take a breather for some reason. Scott began to pour it on and Silva was eating a lot of shots. The round ended with a straight right and body kick from Scott. Scott thwarted a single leg takedown to start the round. Another poke from Silva stops the bout momentarily. On the restart, Silva rushed in and got Scott’s back standing on the cage, but slipped off the top. Silva got back on top of Scott and controlled the rest of the round with submission attempts and ground and pound.

Official Decision: Claudio Henrique da Silva defeats Bradley Scott by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Igor Araujo vs. Danny Mitchell
Mitchell got a quick takedown into Araujo’s guard. Araujo hit a beautiful reversal and landed in Mitchell’s guard. Mitchell was attacking with multiple leg locks and toe holds, but Araujo was unfazed. The rest of the round was a jiu-jitsu battle on the mat with some exciting exchanges. Araujo was able to get Mitchell down early on in the second round. Araujo’s top game was smothering Mitchell, but with a minute to go he got back to his feet. Mitchell attempted a jumping triangle attempt, but could not finish it. Araujo finished the round on top with some punches. After some striking exchanges in the beginning of the third, Mitchell got caught in a deep triangle choke, and was eating elbows. Araujo transitioned into an omoplata, but could not finish it. Mitchell once again was attacking with leg locks, but could not finish it. The two exchanged in wild shots from 50/50 guard for the last 30 seconds of the fight.

Official Decision: Igor Araujo defeats Danny Mitchell by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Phil Harris vs. Louis Gaudinot
Early on in the first round Harris went for a big slam takedown and Gaudinot locked in a deep guillotine and jumped guard. Harris tried to roll out, but he could not break the vice grip of Gaudinot. Quick submission victory for Gaudinot and a great performance.

Official Decision: Louis Gaudinot defeats Phil Harris by Submission (Guillotine Choke) Round 1 (1:34)

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