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UFC Fight Night 37 results: Brad Pickett defeats Neil Seery by UD in fantastic fight

The second bout on the UFC Fight Night 37 main card will deliver exciting Flyweight action. Perennial Bantamweight contender, Brad Pickett, makes his Flyweight debut against UFC newcomer, Neil Seery.

Pickett (24-8, 3-3 UFC) decided to move down to Flyweight after his career became stagnant at Bantamweight. He is currently the only fighter on the UFC’s Flyweight roster that holds a victory over the champion, Demetrious Johnson. Back at WEC 48, Pickett defeated Johnson by unanimous decision. He is hoping a win today will get him another crack at Johnson later this year.

Seery (13-9-0, 0-0 UFC) is making his UFC debut on short notice to replace the injured Ian McCall. Seery, who is from Ireland, is a finisher with 11 of his 13 victories coming by way of knockout or submission. He is looking to play spoiler tonight with a big upset over Brad Pickett.

Round 1: They touch gloves to start. Brad with a leg kick. Two left jabs for Brad. They exchange, but miss. Seery with a left hook that staggers Brad. Seery stuffs a takedown. Leg kick for Brad. Big right and left from Brad. Big left hand for Seery. Seery swings and misses big. Left hook from Brad. Brad misses a big right, and he is poked in the eye. The fight is stopped momentarily. On the restart, Leg kick from Brad is countered by a big left from Seery. Brad with a big slam takedown. Seery is locking down the arms of Brad, so he gets slammed again. Brad gets his hands free and nails Seery with a few punches. Brad passes into half guard. Brad is working an arm triangle, and he is trying to step over into side control to finish it. Seery defends very well and does not let Brad move into side control and gets out. Brad with some powerful ground and pound. Seery gets to his feet and they exchange. Seery with a left and Brad with a right. 10-9 Brad Pickett with the control on the mat and submission attempt.

Round 2: Big jab from Brad. They exchange again and they are swinging. Both men are eating punches. Big right hook from Seery. They land on each other and Pickett is looking for the takedown on the fence. Incredible pace to start round two. Seery pushes him off and eats a jab. Serry with an uppercut and a left hook. Leg kick from Brad. Seery misses a right hook, but lands to the body. Jab misses for Brad. Body punch from Seery. Seery is working the body. Brad ducks under a winging right hook and goes for the single leg takedown, but Seery stuffs it. Step in right from Brad. Body shots from Brad. Brad again rushing in for a takedown. After some clinching, Brad was able to get a slam takedown. Elbows from Brad on top. Brad steps over into half guard as the round ends. 10-9 Brad Pickett for the takedown and control again.

Round 3: Uppercut from Brad misses. Right hook staggers Brad. Body kick from Seery. Seery with a takedown attempt, but Brad stuffs it. Body shot from Seery. Big shots landing for Seery. Body kick from Pickett. 1-2 from Seery. Leg kick from Brad. They exchange in the center, and Brad is poked in the eye again. The fight is stopped momentarily. On the restart, Seery lands and they exchange. Incredible pace here, and Brad with a takedown attempt that is stuffed. Right hook from Seery. Seery is working beautifully on the feet right now. Big slam takedown from Brad Pickett. Brad passes into half guard, and is again looking for the arm triangle. Seery to his feet, but Brad with a guillotine attempt. Seery breaks out and lands some bombs on Brad. Huge overhand right from Seery. Seery is trying to take Pickett out and is definitely holding his own. Big body shot from Brad. Brad with another slam takedown right into half guard. The fight ends with Brad landing some ground and pound. Absolutely stellar fight. 10-9 Brad Pickett once again for the clean sweep on my card.

Official Decision: Brad Pickett defeats Neil Seery by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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