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UFC Fight Night 37 results: Michael Johnson defeats Melvin Guillard by UD

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The co-main event of UFC Fight Night 37 is a battle between former training partners turned competitors. Melvin Guillard takes on the streaking Michael Johnson in a critical Lightweight bout.

Guillard (48-13-3, 2NC, 12-8 UFC) was originally set to rematch Ross Pearson at this event, but an ACL injury forced Ross out of the bout. Former training partner, Michael Johnson, stepped in on short notice to take on the savvy veteran. Guillard will look to add Johnson to his list of knockout victims tonight.

Michael Johnson (15-8-0, 6-4 UFC) has been on a tear as of late. After losing to Reza Madadi in April last year, Johnson refocused himself and promised to come out a better fighter. He did just that when he completely dominated Joe Lauzon in August. He followed that up with an even more impressive knockout victory over Lightweight stalwart, Gleison Tibau. Johnson looks to keep the streak going tonight and throw his name in the long list of title contenders.

Round 1: Leg kick misses for Johnson. Body kick for Johnson and he misses on two punches. 1-2 from Guillard. Front kick misses for Guillard. Big knee from Guillard as Johnson rushed in. Outside leg kick from Johnson. They kick at the same time, and Johnson’s goes low. They stop the fight momentarily. On the restart, outside leg kick from Johnson. Straight left from Johnson and he rushes in. Guillard misses a left. Johnson with a body kick. Outside leg kick from Johnson. Body kick from Guillard. Guillard misses two front kicks. Grazing left hand from Johnson. Takedown attempt from Johnson is stuffed and Guillard with a knee. Outside leg kick from Johnson. Both men exchange 1-2’s. Front kick from Johnson. Johnson misses a body kick. Guillard with a 1-2 and Johnson misses on the counter. Johnson stops and says ‘come on’ to Guillard. Body shot from Johnson, but he eats a counter right uppercut that staggers him. Johnson rushes in for a takedown, but is stuffed. Harai goshi from Guillard, but they scramble to their feet. Johnson misses a head kick. They both land at the end of the round. 10-9 Guillard for staggering Johnson and the Harai Goshi.

Round 2: They exchange to start the round. Head kick just misses for Johnson. Front kick from Guillard misses. Straight left from Johnson. Outside leg kick from Johnson. Straight left from Johnson. Left hook is blocked by Johnson. Guillard pawing out a jab and eats a body shot. Leg kick misses for Johnson. Body shot for Johnson. Body kick from Johnson and Guillard rushes forward, but misses. Jab from Guillard. Uppercut from Guillard as Johnson lands to the body. Straight right and body shot for Guillard. Body kick from Guillard. Outside leg kick from Johnson. Johnson is taking the center of the cage, as Melvin circles. Johnson again throws up his hands trying to get Guillard to exchange. They exchange kicks. Body shot from Johnson. Johnson attempts a takedown, but is stuffed. Body kick from Johnson. Guillard misses a kick. Big left hand rocks Guillard and Johnson is pouring it on. Guillard crumbles, but gets up immediately. Guillard eats a knee too, but somehow is still standing. 10-9 Johnson for rocking Melvin.

Round 3: Jabs from Johnson. Guillard misses a right hook. Big 1-2 from Guillard as he rushes in, but Johnson takes him down. Guillard right back to his feet. Jabs from Guillard are missing. The crowd is booing. Johnson misses a head kick. Spinning back kick misses for Guillard. Outside leg kick and front kick from Johnson. Left hook from Johnson. Right hook misses for Johnson. Right hand lands for Johnson on the counter. Straight left from Guilard. Johnson crouches momentarily, but then gets back to his groove. Big straight left rocks Guillard and he is hurt. Johnson pushes Guillard to the fence. Body shot from Johnson. Guillard with a right hand as they break away. Right hand from Johnson hurts Guillard again as he moves in. Johnson is pouring it on, but Guillard says it is a eye poke. Big elbow from Johnson and an uppercut on the fence. Uppercut from Johnson in the clinch. Johnson misses a high kick as the round ends. 10-9 Johnson for his control on the feet.

Official Decision: Michael Johnson defeats Melvin Guillard by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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