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SNL: Jay Pharoah slays Katt Williams impression while roasting Oscars (Video)

One of the best performers on Saturday Night Live over the least few years has been Jay Pharoah, who has turned in a slew of killer impressions. He’s been coming into his own more and more and it appears that he may be destined for the stardom that Eddie Murphy or Mike Myers achieved after their SNL career came to an end.

Pharoah slays all of his impressions, from Obama to Will Smith and especially Shaquille O’Neal, but his impression of comedian Katt Williams was once again spot on this week.

In a segment where Pharoah played Williams roasting the Oscars, we actually saw impressive impressions across the board. Lena Dunham’s impression of Liza Minelli was a bit weak but things got pulled together when Taran Killam killed his Harrison Ford impression.

Killam and Pharoah are by far the two best Impressionists that Saturday Night Live have and seeing them go toe-to-toe in sketches like this is wildly entertaining.

Pharoah has become a star on SNL and it’s thanks to impressions like this. As he continues his rise, we continue to see more and more of him each week and the decision to give us more Pharoah is perhaps the best decision the show has made all season.

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  • vaxination

    killed? that harrison ford impression was horrible.