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Mark Cuban once had Magic Johnson kicked off a plane

There are a lot of perks to being wealthy, I once read a quote from Diddy where he said it was easy to keep your wealth when you were rich and famous because everyone wanted to give you stuff for free. At the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was asked about the perks of being wealthy and shared a similar story about a business deal that resulted in him receiving an airline pass that allowed him and one guess to fly first class anywhere in the world with unlimited miles.

Not for one trip, for unlimited trips.

“I used to go to clubs in LA and wherever and say, “Let’s go somewhere! Let’s go to Vegas,”and drag somebody [with me]. It was a first-class ticket for me and somebody else and if there weren’t seats available they’d have to kick somebody off [the flight],” Cuban said, via Yahoo.

“One day Magic Johnson comes bitching and moaning off the plane. He was the victim I guess. It made me look really good with that girl.”

Cuban has since given his father the pass.

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