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MLB Rumors: Players feel Stephen Drew should have accepted qualifying offer from Boston Red Sox

Major League Baseball will face continued unrest from the Players Association about the free agent compensation system. It’s clear that free agents, especially guys like Stephen Drew, Kendrys Morales, and Ervin Santana who are still unsigned, do not care for the system and feel it is not fair.

The support from their colleagues on this issue might not be as unanimous as one would assume, however. As an example, Nick Cafardo writes that some players feel Stephen Drew should have simply accepted the qualifying offer extended him by the Boston Red Sox.

The free agent compensation system shouldn’t change. What needs to change is a player accepting a qualifying offer. Nobody has accepted one in two years. ‘Why not accept a $14.1 million qualifying offer for one year?’ a Red Sox player said when speaking of Drew. ‘Is that a bad deal? That’s a lot of money. Stephen would be here playing with us by now if he’d done that.’”

As this topic is broached in coming years, it will be interesting to see what kind of split there is between players who voice objections to the system and those who say that the system is not so unjust as it is made out to be.

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  • Crusader10

    part of the problem here is that $cott Bora$ wants an escape clause. Who in their right minds is going to sign a player to a contract that, if things go well for the player he can up and leave, but if he sucks the team is stuck with him. Drew’s brother did that to the Dodgers. A-Roid did it to the Yanks. Teams would be stupid to sign anyone to that kind of deal again.

  • John Finn Jr

    Drew would be on the Red Sox now, if he had realized that he is worth 7 million and not 14 million. Boras brainwashed him.