Saturday Night Live Review: Was Lena Dunham funny on SNL?

Tonight marked the night when Girls star Lena Dunham went on saturday Night Live to prove whether or not she actually had comedic chops or was just product of the show she created. While we saw an obligatory Girls parody, Dunham actually stepped into her own on SNL and likely won over some new fans in the process.

Given the insane hipster quality that Girls has, Dunham has gained herself plenty of detractors over the few short years she’s been famous, but her duties as host of SNL this week were surprisingly outstanding as she was able to both channel her inner quirk as well as step outside of that an embrace some character acting.

Many people confuse Hannah from Girls with how Dunham actually acts — and that’s because they’re ferociously similar. But when Dunham stepped into characters that were more enthusiastic and more flamboyant than Hannah, it was refreshing to see and helped the show work tonight.

Not every sketch hit, but Dunham’s natural quirk helped some of the more off-the-wall late night sketches work better than usual. The best sketch of the night was probably the sketch in which Dunham took a back seat while Mike O’Brien played a Men’s Rights Activist who was trying to hide the fact that he had defeated Women’s Rights Group causes while he sits in a room full of women.

That’s not a knock on Dunham either, as her taking a backseat on the sketch showed that she can shine even in a role that isn’t front and center. While she wasn’t the best host of the night, her performance brought back feelings had after the Drake show where we went in with low expectations but came out thoroughly surprised with what we saw.

You may not have been a fan of Dunham before SNL and she still may not be your favorite TV star, but she at least earned mad respect for her hosting duties tonight.

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  • Analog By Nature

    Nobody has been funny on SNL since, oh, I dunno, Will Ferrel.

  • whatever

    That was the best sketch? Great to know.

    fwiw, some outlet called tvline described it this way:

    Mike O’Brien nearly vanished into the scenery as a mousy boyfriend of Cecily Strong’s waayyy over-the-top Venezuelan beauty pageant contestant-turned-office worker, who joined Dunham and several other pals at a jewelry party. The kicker? Bruce turns out to be a “men’s rights” advocate who campaigns for dudes to earn more than their female counterparts doing the same job. Get it? His girlfriend’s not just from a foreign country, but she’s also too dim to understand what her man does for a living? Oh, and she doesn’t like his body or face or sexual moves, so she’s clearly just with him because he brought her to the U.S.? OK, I’ll stop writing; just know my one-paragraph description can’t convey the awfulness of the full sketch, OK?

  • Chiquitobot

    No MRA i’ve ever heard of wanted to close down planned parenthood. Thats not even a mens rights issue. When MRAs talk about the pay gap, they simply point out that the 77 cents on the dollar figure is not for the same work. No MRA i’ve ever heard of has talking about rescinding equal pay law.

    The reason I mention It is, with this being only the second time I have ever heard MRA be mentioned on national television, it seemed more like an ideology rejection of the idea that men faced inequality and issues. despite the fact that in america only men are required to sign the selective service draft registration making them eligible for the draft in wartime. paternity fraud is a huge issue, and men are being forced pay child support for children that are not biologically their own after they were lied to. this is nothing less than slavery. It is also an established fact that men are more harshly sentenced in criminal cases than women. these are real cases of oppressive government policies towards men. there are many other issues i could go into

  • Huan YU

    how is this for a change in the comedy scene ;)