Title Art for the HBO original series "True Detective." Photo Credit: HBO

True Detective season 2 start date: When does HBO show return?

Tonight saw the final episode of the first season of True Detective and it feels like the show was only here for a brief moment before leaving us. But the show has come to an end — at least for now — and we are going to have to wait an entire year before the show hits airwaves once again.

With the final episode of the season having just wrapped up in intense fashion, fans of the series are wondering just when the show will be coming back and luckily we have some insight.

The fact of the matter is no one knows when the series will be coming back but we do know that it will for sure be returning for a second season. It’s highly likely that the show will return around the same time it did this year which would mean a January 2015 premiere date for True Detective season two.

One thing we also know is that Matthew McConaughey will not be coming back for season two, even though the events of the new season will be entirely unrelated — or at least for the most part unrelated — to this current season that just wrapped up.

While we wait for January 2015 and the new season of True Detective, we get to predict who the new detective pairing will be and what the theme of the season will be about. Who would you like to see paired together in season 2, or are you still reeling from tonight’s season finale? Sound off in the comments section below and join the conversation.

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  • dan Landis


  • Nfl All Day

    Sbould end it right there. It was about as close to perfection as a series could be. Especially if Matt’s not coming back, there’s no possible way they can top it, so why try. Very few shows execute a storyline and charecter development as well as what we just watched. It was an 8 hour epic, on par with any great movie. Leave it perfect. Let it go.

  • Julie Johnson

    This story was so well written I am positive that I will be watching season 2. That kind of talent is rare. It will be hard to improve on this series and even more difficult to cast better actors than Matthew and Woody. The entire season was EPIC and I look forward to next year.

  • roofervp

    Vincent D’Orfronto & Cilian Murphy would be a nice pair

  • eddy

    will smith and leo

  • Rick Tilves

    Does this mean Woody will not be back Either ? I hope at least He is back with a new partner, since Matthew is not returning for Some Continuity. New partner has to be someone able to play a dark side detective like Matthew. One candidate could be (name escapes me) the lead actor from “Lost”. ?

  • Hinojosa driving school

    no Matt, no how!

  • Bobbi Merriss

    Season one of True Detective was one of the greatest, darkest, most fascinating, shows I have ever seen, I
    LOVED IT! I am 72 and have seen a few shows in my day, incl. big screen block busters that can’t hold a candle to this geniusly written thriller. Deeply sorry Matthew and Woody w/n return, what a duo they make. In the meantime, I think Richard Gere, Andre Bauer, Al Pacino, James Franco, Robert Duvall, or Chris Pine, Rick Worthy, give the young guys a shot too, just to name a few. I agree w/dan Landis……offer more money first.
    I look at Matthew/Woody as the “only”, they cannot be replaced. Don’t try to replace, just try for another duo that can give the story the same edge.

  • Daniel Bryan
  • Rose/billing

    Please bring Mathew and Woody, they were great and the show just wont be the same without them playing the roles. seem like when something is good someone wants to mess it up, don’t change the main actors

  • Mog

    Brad Pitt & Leonardo DiCaprio would be an amazing pair