Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as Detectives Rust Cohle and Martin Hart in the series "True Detective." Photo Credit: HBO

True Detective Season Finale Preview

To say that this has been a wild ride on this season of the HBO Original Series True Detective would be quite the understatement. We have watched as the lives of two detectives have unraveled in front of our eyes; however, tonight that will all come to an end as HBO airs the Season One Finale of the epic series.

Throughout the series we have watched as Detective Rust Cohle, played in the series by Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey, and Detective Martin Hart, played by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s Woody Harrelson, have gone through every detail of their 17 year old murder case about Dora Kelly Lange, who was brutally murdered in 1995 in an overtly ritualistic manner.

As the episodes pass, we see Hart and Cohle both as they are investigating the case, and as they are being interrogated themselves in the current day by detectives Thomas Papania, who is played in the series by Olympus Has Fallen’s Tory Kittles, and Maynard Gilbough, portrayed by The Wire actor Michael Potts.

Slowly, but surely, Papania and Gilbough have been able to cast doubt on their case, and have even made accusations that the real killer may have been Rust Cohle himself. Given the horrific things he has endured in his life, and downward spiral he has taken throughout his career, this would not exactly be difficult to believe; however, could he have really perpetrated all of this right under the nose of his partner?

Fans of the show have spent countless hours going over every second of the show to find even the tiniest detail on the true identity of the Yellow King really is. If you dig deep enough into the show, there are recurring themes throughout. Unfortunately, none of them truly make clear who is really responsible for all of this.

Tonight, Hart and Cohle are going to come upon an overlooked detail in their case that will take them to a brand new lead in the case. Could this be the break that they have been waiting for all these years, or will everything come crashing down around them when the truth is finally revealed? Who is truly responsible for all these horrific and ritualistic murders? I guess we’ll have to watch and find out.

While we wait for the action to get started tonight, let’s take a look at the preview for tonight’s episode which is entitled “Form and Void.”

The Season Finale of the HBO Original Series True Detective airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.

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