Matthew McConaughey as Detective Rust Cohle in the Season 1 Finale of "True Detective." Photo Credit: HBO

True Detective season finale recap: Was the last episode any good?

The final episode of True Detective has come and gone and fans are still reeling from what we saw. Lots of people fell behind with the finale thanks to the HBO Go servers crapping out on everyone trying to watch the live stream of the show on mobile devices, but plenty of folks were still able to see the episode.

Reaction has been sort of split on the quality of the finale, but there seems to be an overwhelming praise for the finale episode. Not everyone was a fan, but the Twitter critics seemed to generally love the episode for its unconventional ending and it has almost everyone looking forward to another season of the show.








What did you think of the last episode of True Detective? Sound off in the comments section and join the conversation with your opinion.

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  • Rini6

    The darkness is immense and it is all around us but the light endures #TrueDetectiveFinale #myrecap

  • Steve Kiefer

    True detective was a great show episode 1-7 (granted 7 lost a little steam) but as to the finale, All I can say is


    Is there any way they could apologize for this terrible ending, take it back, and replace it with a good one?

    ’cause this one friggen SUCKED!

  • Freedom2112

    loved the ending…the scene where he starts crying on the wheelchair was deep. He finally came to the realization that life doesn’t end at death and that shattered his life long beliefs about life and death.

    • PaulWolfe

      Exactly why the ending was idiotic.

      • Dartanyun

        Yea. Completely ruined that formerly great character. Maybe if he had said something about that experience being from genetic programming… that it was obviously from his only half functioning brain’s memories and desires, and maybe even said that it was so pleasant that he wished it was true…
        But that turn around, as it was, was so completely ridiculous.