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True Detective premiere date: When will season two start?

The final episode of the first season of True Detective has come and gone and fans are still reeling from what we saw. While the show is returning next year with a new season, the fact that Matthew McConaughey won’t be back makes this feel more like a series finale than just a standard season finale.

Much like the FX series American Horror Story, we will be getting disjointed story lines from season to season that aren’t related to the previous season. This is why True Detective can get away with the possibility of using the same cast but it appears that this won’t be the case.

Still, the show will be back and fans will be counting the days until that happens. That’s the biggest question fans have at the moment, and thankfully we can set you on the right path with some early information. The fact of the matter is, no one knows when True Detective will be back — at least not specifically speaking.

It’s a good bet to pin Janurary 2015 as the return month of True Detective as that’s when the show premiered this year. The date isn’t known but we can probably expect the middle of the month as a return date for the new season. The next question everyone has is who will be playing the new leads?

Who do you think should play the new detectives when season two comes around, or are you still reeling from tonight’s finale? Sound off in the comments section and join the conversation.

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