Kevin Bacon in promo for 80's Awareness. Photo Credit: Mashable

Kevin Bacon Spreads 80’s Awareness (Video)

As if we don’t already have enough reasons to absolutely love Kevin Bacon, the good people at Mashable gave us yet another reason today. In a video posted to YouTube by the site, the actor explains the importance of 80’s awareness and what it was like to live all those years ago before technology was king.

According to the video, the demographic hit hardest by this are the millennials, those born after 1985.

Being a child of the 80’s myself, I can fully appreciate where he is coming from. Life was so much different back there before technology became king. Way back when not everyone had a PlayStation 3, Xbox360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or any of these next-gen systems. Our version of playing Madden was going outside in the sun and running down a field with a ball in our hands.

As he says in the video, when a boy called to ask a girl out on a date, he first had to make small talk with the girl’s mother before you ever got to speak to the girl you wanted so to desperately to ask out. To make matters worse, if the girl rejected your offer, you couldn’t just swipe away the pain.

He even brings up the current events going on in Russia right now. If you were born after 1985, there is a good chance that you don’t remember the Cold War; well, at least not outside of textbooks.

Here is a look at the latest video from Mashable starring Kevin Bacon letting us all know the importance of 80’s Awareness.

For the record, while not the most stylish trend to come out of the 80’s, you can’t lie and say that parachute pants are not incredibly comfortable.

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