Mar 3, 2014; Portland, OR, USA; Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D

NBA Rumors: Mike D’Antoni will remain as Los Angeles Lakers coach through season

Aside from maybe Mike Woodson in New York, there might not be a more scrutinized coach in the NBA this season than Los Angeles Lakers head man Mike D’Antoni. With Kobe Bryant out, the Lakers have had one of the roughest campaigns in team history, however, the team will not be making a coaching change while the season is ongoing, according to ESPN LA.

After a series of discussions following a stretch of historically bad losses this week, the Los Angeles Lakers do not believe an in-season coaching change will help the team and remain inclined to support Mike D’Antoni over the final 19 games of the season, sources with knowledge of the situation told

At this point, canning D’Antoni really wouldn’t make any bit of sense. Everyone knows that the team isn’t really headed toward any sort of miracle with the roster they have at the moment, so sending D’Antoni packing wouldn’t solve anything in the long run.

If anything, aside from the Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James Free Agency decisions, whether or not D’Antoni returns to Los Angeles will be the biggest storyline this upcoming summer offseason period.


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  • J Taylor

    If PJ ends up with the Knicks, the team needs to find a high profile coach to replace D’Antoni. Second tier prospects and up-and-comers won’t cut it… nor will they have enough clout to be a superstar magnet.
    1) Larry Brown
    2) Jeff van Gundy
    3) Mike Krzyzewski
    4) Tom Tibideau

    • Claudia Davis

      the coach has to go the lakers well not keep the fans i am when kobe is not there i well be to

  • Claudia Davis

    anybody the coach has to dantoni has to go.