Titanfall's opening intro sets the stage for battle

Respawn Entertainment and Microsoft are set to release a new video game in Titanfall in the next couple of hours to the world. They both hope it sets the stage for a great partnership which could lead to greater things in the future.

The launch of Titanfall in many ways can help Microsoft sell more Xbox One consoles and create more buzz for them in general. It’s been quite sometime when there was this much anticipation for a title releasing on one of their consoles.

Titanfall can only be played online, but in that regard it’s a positive as gamers can choose to play as an assault pilot and control a fast, heavily armored Titan.

This is a first, where a first-person shooter game can only be played online, but I believe it will work and have tremendous success.

There’s a video that shows the opening cinematic for the game and it prepares you to get ready for war. The trailer does a good job of highlighting the battle between the IMC and The Militia.

You can leave a comment below on your thoughts about the opening cinematic and how pumped you’re for the release of Titanfall. Also don’t forget there will be plenty of retailers having midnight launches for Titanfall.

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