Cleveland Indians do not know who will play third base

The Cleveland Indians have a legitimate big league hitter in Carlos Santana. They just don’t know what position he should play.

Santana could catch, but young sensation Yan Gomes has taken over that spot. He could play first base, but Nick Swisher will man play there most days. He could be the designated hitter, but the Indians use that spot to make room for guys like Jason Giambi and, if they can help it, would rather not be saddled with one full-time DH.

Those are the reasons that the Indians are auditioning Santana at third base this spring. Early returns on that experiment aren’t so good, leaving the team unsure who will play the hot corner. As manager Terry Francona put it (quotes from Cleveland Plain Dealer):

If I told you that I knew what we were going to be doing at third base, I wouldn’t be telling you the truth.”

If the team decides that they simply cannot afford to play Santana at third, it will leave them with Lonnie Chisenhall as the primary option. Chisenhall has some promise at that spot but to date has been a disappointment. Neither option is overwhelming, leaving the Indians with a huge question mark as Opening Day slowly approaches.

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