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MLB Rumors: Ervin Santana decision expected in 'next day or two'

Ervin Santana spent most of the off-season wanting to feel wanted. Now that teams are finally interested, he’s the one making them wait for a decision.

The Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays are known to be interested. Both have likely offered one year deals after Santana (finally) changed his demands this weekend. Then Kris Medlen got hurt and the Atlanta Braves swooped in as a legitimate suitor early this week.

It is presumably down to those three teams, and Eduardo Encina of the Baltimore Sun reports that Santana’s decision is expected in the “next day or two.”

How would he know? It sounds like Santana was in touch with the Baltimore front office today.

To be fair, we don’t know what they talked about. They might have just talked about Jon Hamm’s photo bombs on the Tonight Show or something like that.

The Santana free agency saga should end soon, with him inking a one-year deal in the $14 million range with one of these three teams.

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