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President Obama makes good on Olympic beer bet with Canada

It took a couple of weeks, but President Barack Obama has made good on an wager he made with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Here are the terms of the Olympic beer bet made by the two North American leaders.

The wager:  Bets on who would win the Olympic hockey games between the United States and Canada (both men and women).

The payoff: A case of beer on each game.

The winner was obviously Canada in both cases, who ousted the U.S. teams in the women’€™s final and men’s semifinal.

The President’s team wanted to make sure that Canada in receipt of their specially brewed suds.


Which was followed by a delivery confirmation that even UPS couldn’t even complain about -

And then, the obligatory I’m-thanking-you-and-not-really-rubbing-it-in tweet from Prime Minister Harper -

See, President Obama? The internet really does work well when you want it to.

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