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San Francisco 49ers trade conditional draft pick to Miami Dolphins for Jonathan Martin

An intriguing trade has taken place in the midst of the flurry of free agent signings in the NFL today.

Offensive lineman Jonathan Martin, who left the Miami Dolphins for personal reasons last season in what transformed into a controversial and heated topic over the course of the season, has been traded to the San Francisco 49ers for a conditional draft pick.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Much has been made of Martin’s next team and how he would be received by a different NFL team. This is probably about as comfortable a fit as one can imagine, as this reunites Martin with his college coach Jim Harbaugh. There is also the simple fact that winning does a lot to alleviate potential drama in the locker room, and the 49ers do a lot of winning.

Martin took to Twitter to express his excitement about the move.

If Martin will be able to transition away from the 2013 season and once again serve as a capable NFL lineman, that process will start in San Francisco next season.

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  • James

    Thank God we got something for that nothing!!!

    • Shonuff17


  • Johnny

    I would have taken a bag of paper clips for him! Good riddings…

  • Johnny

    @JohnCAurora: Phins still have 20+ mil in cap!! We need to sign a Guard or 2, RT, CB, DT, maybe a TE. Weak FA class, Gs coming off the board.. GET ON IT!! Time to get busy!!!

  • Johnny

    Dolphins screwed up!!!! They let the top 3 guards sign elsewhere!!! Beadles, Shwartz, and Asamoah. How can they not pick up atleast one of these guys??? Now?? Slim pickings.. Nice job Hickey… Only have 3-4 spots to fill on the OLine… Now we have Albert at LT and Pouncy at C.. Need 2 guards and a RT!!! Yes you might get one rookie you draft to start… But you can’t expect them all too… Needed atleast 1 Guard in FA.. And the top Gs are off the board…. Screwed up Hickey!!! ????

  • bk

    Meanwhile everyone scapegoat will probably never play again… Funny how the NFL’s report pretty much blamed one person for everything, taking the heat off the Dolphins, Coaches, all-pro player, etc… remind anyone of the DOJ investigating Eric Holder? Yeah, I pretty much knew how that was going to play out too.