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True Detective season 2: Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Rogen spoof show (Video)

The hit HBO series True Detective has been making waves on social media with fans and has won over virtually every single television critic to have ever watched television. You’d think that it was the greatest show ever conceived judging from the reaction to the series, and that hype is something that late night host Jimmy Kimmel played off of on Monday night.

A day after the season finale of the show — which actually felt more like a series finale given the fact that Matthew McConaughey won’t be back — Kimmel enlisted the help of guest Seth Rogen to spoof the show in a hilarious ‘preview’ of season two.

Here’s the hilarious spoof by Kimmel and Rogen:

Kimmel’s genius spoof of True Detective is further proof that he may be the king of late night and that he’s not at all fazed by the presence of Jimmy Fallon on NBC. The late night war between Kimmel and Fallon is quickly booming the Letterman/Leno of this generation and so far Kimmel is winning.

Fallon may have the ratings at the moment to suggest he’s in this fight, but Kimmel consistently produces content like the True Detective spoof that show he’s a few steps ahead of everyone in late night.

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