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Champions Tour: Lee Trevino’s putting tip at the Toshiba Classic

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Lee Trevino played in the Wednesday pro-am at the Toshiba Classic.  On the ninth green, he gave a putting tip to one of the amateurs in his group.

The tip was useful for many people who fiddle with the claw grip on the putting green (including myself).  Despite many variations of the claw grip, there is a proper technique.

For a right-handed player, you hold the putter with you left hand in a standard fashion, and the right hand must be angled under the putter.  You do not want your right hand to be parallel to your body.

There is not one way to do it.  If you look at Adam Scott’s right hand, it is perpendicular to his body.  In contrast, Sergio’s right hand is at an angle.  The one thing in common is they do not have their right hand parallel to their body.

Below are three great examples of the claw grip.

Here is Sergio’s putting stroke.  Video courtesy of Michel Monnard:



Here is Adam Scott’s putting stroke. Video courtesy of Zack Price:


Here is Craig Stadler’s putting stroke.  Video courtesy of Roll your Rock:

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