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MLB Rumors: New York Mets might seek trade with Arizona Diamondbacks for shortstop

The New York Mets insist that they are happy with Ruben Tejada as their starting shortstop. Even with some shaky play from his thus far in his career. Even with Stephen Drew available in free agency. Even with Tejada struggling this spring.

No. Tejada will be their shortstop. Unless he’s not, that is.

Now John Harper of the New York Daily News reports that the Mets are keeping tabs on the Arizona Diamondbacks shortstop competition and might try to deal for the odd man out between Didi Gregorius and Chris Owings:

Meanwhile, a source affiliated with another ballclub, who has past ties to GM Sandy Alderson, said the Mets are continuing to monitor the Diamondbacks’ shortstop competition, and ‘could jump in’ to try to make a trade for either Didi Gregorius or Chris Owings before spring training ends.”

Both players are young (Gregorius is 24, Owings is 22) so it’s not as if the Mets would be adding a proven player. That said, they might see more upside in one of those options than they do in Tejada. The Diamondbacks are rumored to be open to trading one of their shortstops for the right deal, so this situation is worth monitoring as the competition takes shape.

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  • mikey bet

    Get Franklin! 10 years younger than Drew. More pop than Arizona’s shortstops. An obvious solution. He’s only gonna get better

    • jayc21

      franklin is considered more a second baseman by the scouts, a bit limited at SS. DREW can hit as many hrs and the payroll is among lowest in MLB. THERE IS NO REASON NOT TO SIGN DREW. NONE! THESE OWNERS DONT HAVE THE CASH TO FIELD A COMPETITIVE TEAM.

      • Hayden Kane

        It will be interesting to see- it does feel like the Franklin trade rumors hit a wall for one reason or another, perhaps because they aren’t sure if he can handle SS. My guess is that it still ends up being Tejada, at least on Opening Day.

  • Jenffrj

    I feel like Owings has the most upside.