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NFL Free Agency: Dolphins, DT Earl Mitchell agree to 4-year, $16 million deal

The Miami Dolphins have signed Houston Texans defensive end Earl Mitchell, who will replace Paul Soliai.

From CBS:

With the Dolphins losing defensive tackle Paul Soliai to the Falcons, they’ve reportedly replaced him quickly with former Texans defensive tackle Earl Mitchell, signing him to a four-year, $16 million deal, according to various reports.

Soliai got a richer deal, signing a reported contract worth five years and $33 million with Atlanta, but Miami gets a younger player (Mitchell is 26 years old compared to the 30-year-old Soliai).

Here received a congratulatory tweet from famous Houston sports reporter John McClain.


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  • Johnny

    Seems athletic… Ran a 4.75 40??? Crazy for a 300lb guy…

  • Shonuff17

    I like what i am seeing so far from hickey. We enjoyed big paul in his prime, and parted ways before we had to watch him drop off. This is what elite franchises are able to do. Now we have swapped him with a very good dt who should have 4-6 years of his best play still ahead of him, while big paul has 0-2 . Paul’s prime may or may not be greater than mitchell’s, but over the next 4-6 years as a whole the dolphins are better for this, even if over the next 2 years soliai>mitchell (which is worst-case scenario for dolphins). We drafted and developed big paul, so we never had to pay a free agency premium for his services. Take this approach across the board (except with qb, they are just too hard to replace). This is how you keep your team full of talented players in their prime. This is how you win in a salary cap league!!