Oscar selfie gets epic time-lapse drawing (Video)

The epic and now infamous Oscars selfie that Ellen DeGeneres perpetrated at the Academy Awards this year is starting to lose the hype it initially garnered, but it’s still not going away. After being Simpson-ized, photoshopped and everything else you can think of, someone has topped all other re-creations of the selfie with an epic five-minute time lapse drawing of the photo.

Heather Rooney is an artist who has re-created the Oscar selfie in perhaps the coolest way we’ve seen yet. While the Simpsons selfie was also drawn, we didn’t actually see Matt Groening draw the image in realtime, which is something that Rooney has gone ahead and done.

Her time-lapse video of her drawing the Oscar selfie will make you never want to draw anything every again as nothing can top what she has done. In absolutely astonishing detail, Rooney re-creates the selfie before our very eyes with nothing other than colored pencils.

The attention to detail is on a ridiculous, Kubrick-like level and the end product is the best looking re-creation of the selfie we’ve seen yet.

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