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Rick Reilly is quitting to focus on being a TV personality


In the 90s, there were few voices as compelling or as talented as Rick Reilly, who had a column in Sports Illustrated that was some of the best sports writing of its time. But then Reilly sold out, went to ESPN and single handedly become one of the most hated, most pretentious and most loathed voices in sports.

He was pretty insufferable on paper at, but he’ll no longer be working there. According to ESPN Front Row, Reilly’s writing voice will be silenced as of June 1, 2014.

“I’ve been writing sports for a living, non-stop, since I was 20,” said Reilly, 56. “I figured out recently that I’ve published over two million words, all on sports. I’m ready to try something new.”


It’s not all good news though, as Reilly isn’t completely leaving the network and is instead going to focus more on being a TV personality for ESPN which means more face time for Reilly with folks watching at home.

Either way, this is sort of an end of an era — albeit one that needed to end. Reilly has been writing about sports for ages and while he’s still going to talk about them, his selling out even further to appear solely on television is a blow to the world of sports writing we used to know so well.

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